Outfitter Tents and Tipis

Outfitter Tents
A wall tent is the wilderness home-away-from-home for hunters and campers. Stove-pipe holes, door-flaps and screens are placed where you want them, and you decide the width and depth of your tent and whether it sports 3’-0”, 4’-0” or 5’-0” sidewalls.

For the indigenous people of the Prairies, the tipi was more than just a very functional and portable home. The tipi’s circular shape represents a connection between man and creation. The poles make a link between Earth and sky.

Tribes honour the circle as the signature of the Great Spirit. They find the circle everywhere in nature: the sun and moon, the seasons’ cycle, and the circuit of life, and regard it as a key to understanding their Creator.

On a more pragmatic level, at Calgary Tent & Awning, we manufacture various styles of tipi from top-quality canvas. Our tipis are built to last. We also do tipi repairs.