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Who We Are

We specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing custom textile products for commercial and residential applications. Awnings for homes and businesses. Specialty coverings for vehicles, boats and many other objects and structures. Tents of virtually any size and description. And almost anything our customers can imagine – even elephant boots. Really. With thousands of installations under our belt, Calgary Tent & Awning Ltd. is truly “part of the landscape”.

At Calgary Tent & Awning, our passion is serving the needs of our customers. Founded in Calgary in 1928, we have the proud, more than 85-year-long track record to prove it. We are a family-owned company. We proudly serve customers across Canada and also export our products around the globe. Calgary, Alberta is home to our modern production facility, where we use a combination of high-tech computer-driven design and expert traditional artistry to manufacture a wide variety of beautiful, high-quality and durable products from numerous materials.